Top 5 Cooking Gas Cylinder Brands(For 50kg Cylinders)

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Below are the five best and most commonly used 50kg LPG Cylinder brands in Nigeria:

1. Calor Gas 50kg Cylinders

Calor Gas, the United Kingdom's leading LPG supplier, produces 50kg LPG cylinders, which are of superior quality.

Many of Calor's 50kg LPG cylinders (which were imported into the country as fairly used) have been in service in Nigeria for decades, and are still in good condition.

The Calor Gas 50kg Cooking Gas cylinder is thick and fabricated to withstand harsh conditions.

The cylinders are very durable and readily available in the Nigerian market.

2.  Shell Gas 50kg LPG Cylinders

Of course, you wouldn't expect an LPG cylinder fabricated by a renown multi-national oil company like Shell, not to be of outstanding quality.

Most Shell 50kg cylinders in Nigeria are over 30-years-old and still going strong.

Stating that the cylinders are highly functional and durable, is simply stating the obvious.

The Shell 50kg LPG cylinder can be purchased in major home appliance markets nationwide.

3. Flo Gas 50kg Cooking Gas Cylinder

For Flogas, who can be regarded as a major force to be reckoned with in the LPG tank manufacturing industry, the production of first-rate 50kg LPG cylinders comes with the territory.

Flogas' 50kg cylinders are very durable and commonly used by LPG retailers and caterers in Nigeria.

The cylinders can be purchased at the popular Alaba International Market in Ojo, Lagos, and other big home appliance markets across the country.

4. Energas LPG 50kg Cylinders

The Energas 50kg Cylinder is very strong and sturdy.

It has carved a niche for itself in the Nigerian LPG industry and is popular amongst LPG retailers and industrial users.

Energas 50kg LPG cylinders last long and are easy to handle.

5.Total Gaz 50kg LPG Cylinder

It is already universally known that the quality of all Total Gaz  cylinders is beyond doubt.

With its superior quality and durability, the 50kg Total Gaz cylinder is a natural leader in its category.

The only issue with it, is that it appears the 50kg capacity cylinder was/is not mass-produced, hence its scarcity in the market.

It is quite difficult to get one to buy anywhere in the country.IMG-20230123-WA0002.jpgIMG-20230126-WA0000.jpg 



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